1. Students from Overseas Partnership Institutes (Exchange Students)
2. Students recommended by foreign missionaries (Theology, Missiology)
3. Students recommended by domestic pastors (Kosin Denomination, supporting churches)
4. Students recommended by foreign students who studied at Kosin University: In this case, parents' bank statements should be attached
5. To refer to high school grade record (the Average Mark: above 75 points)
6. Miscellaneous: Family background (Above middle class)

Application Documents

period of applying
1st term : 1st ~ 15th December (previous year) / 2nd term : 1st ~ 15th June (same year)

1. period of applying
1st term : 1st ~ 15th December (previous year) / 2nd term : 1st ~ 15th June (same year)
2. Application Form for Issuing Visa [ Download ]
3. Documents for Admission [ Download ]
Application Form
Self-Introduction Form
Study Plan
Financial Plan
Curriculum Vitae
4. Transcript of Final School, Graduate Certificate (to be notarized in case of Chinese Schools. Apostille needed)
5. A Copy of Passport (A Copy of Resident Card, Parents' Inhabitant Record, Relationship Evidence in case of
6. Financial Proofs [ Download ]
Parents' Employment Certificate & Annual Income Certificate(Original), Student's and Parents' Inhabitant
Record, A Copy of ID Card
Bank Statement Issued by Student's Name (original)
(More than USD 9,000 or Chinese Currency Equivalent to USD9,000)
7. Christian Certificate, Agreement [ Download ]
8. 5 Photos(3x4)
9. Visa Application Form [Download ]
It takes about two months to process the admission procedure in case of Chinese students. All the documents should be submitted at least 2 months before the open day per semester.

Curriculum of Korean Language Teaching

Regular Program
- Period : 300 hours (15 week) + Cultural experiences (30 hours)
- Objects : Regular students, Exchange students, Language students
- Tuition Fee : \1,800,000
    - dormitory fee : \705,000

slalom dorm (quad room) 705,000 per term
hengbok dorm (quad room) 998,600

Cultural experiences : Learning Korean language and culture through fellowship with Korean students who
volunteer to help foreign students on and off campus.

Distinguished Merits

Through cultural experience program, foreign students have the chance to make Korean friends and learn practical language, and have assistance for successful campus life as a whole from them.


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